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Erste Fahrt mit dem Hochzeitsrad am 19.08.2022

The wedding bike is not quite finished yet. For example, the paintwork, a canopy and holders for champagne glasses are still missing. I had to take some time off due to illness and also because I am dependent on donations for the construction of the bicycle, the completion is delayed. But I am not under any time pressure. I'm completing the bike bit by bit.

Although I still have to finish the bike, it's not finished yet.

Although there are still a few things to be done, the wedding bike is already serving its purpose. On Friday 19.08.2022, I was allowed to ride Änne and David Hergert around the city in a large bicycle parade, including the wedding party, from the castle garden to celebrate the newly married couple. I'm incredibly happy that the bicycle has finally been put to use!

The Wednesday before, I did another 30-kilometre test ride to make sure everything would work out.

I have installed two electric motors that turn the bike into an e-bike. Two large, golden lacquered steel rings symbolise the wedding rings. The bridal couple climbs through the rings and takes a seat on the bench and the packed suitcase.

The bike is a real e-bike.

When the bike is completely finished, it will hopefully bring joy to many more people.

In the context of the " Hallo Fahrrad" event, the Oldenburgers were presented with their wedding bike.

Verlobung mit der Fahrbahn am 19.03.2022

The lane agreed to the proposal of engagement, the rings, er rims were exchanged and mutually pinned on after the YES word.

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