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bluedrops concept (en)

"Panta Rhei", everything flows, wrote the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. In his flow theory, which is a metaphor for how the world functions, everything is in continual flux; there is only Being and Changing.
This concept applies to the individual as well as to society as a whole. A crucial role in this flow is played by the arts. For a society, art and culture are like water to a living being: an essential element, necessary for life and prosperity.

My "Blue Drop" sculpture promotes this idea. Prominently hung in places where people live or work, it reminds us that art and culture are the core of civilized society and must be protected and advocated to prevent society from becoming spiritually impoverished and dying of thirst.

The Drop has a diameter of 30 x 50 cm and weighs 140 grams. It is not only decorative artwork but is also a clearly visible symbol that can be displayed in areas exposed to wind and weather, or inside, hanging in any working or living space.
The Bluedrop is made of blue acrylic, it´s hanging system of stainless steel: the droplets can always turn freely with a joint and wire cord.

The price for a Blue Drop is 80 €, plus postage.
Included with each Drop is a code which you can enter at our page, www.bluedrops.net. that will allow you to add a photo and information about yourself, your site, your business, etc..
For more information and to see photos of each drop, visit our website.
Drop by drop we are creating a pictorial database of Blue Drops that are hanging throughout Germany and everywhere else on the world.

Michael Olsen
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